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BITPLAY TOKEN; Making Gaming and Sporting Interesting via the Blockchain Technology

Back in my university days I was so addicted to games that I had to miss classes just because I was playing a “prizeless” competition with my friends. Though it was fun but after sometime my love for gaming started dwindling because I saw it as a waste of time and energy since I was not earning from it. I had to focus more on things that can put money in my pocket.

Few days back when I was researching on ICOs I came across a platform known as BITPLAY and after much research on the platform, I can say that the gaming industry is about to experience a massive revolution and gamers around the world will be proud of themselves based on what this platform is about to offer. A lot of folks like me who left gaming because of the fact that it wasn’t yielding anything tangible should be warming up to return to gaming via the BITPLAY platform. With Bitplay gamers will be noticed like most sports icons and celebrities around the world. Let’s look at what BITPLAY is really all about and how gamers can benefit from it.

From my research I discovered that BITPLAY platform is gaming platform that has been developing fully blockchain backed good gaming projects and is set to release most of this project this year. Sometime ago, some experts forecasted that in 2018 the gaming industry will be experiencing a a great positive change and from what am seeing, BITPLAY will be pioneering the forecasted revolution in gaming and sports. There are a lot of gaming applications that BITPLAY has developed and many more are still in the pipeline.

BITPLAY have designed a gambling platform and application known as BITSPORT which is an advance blockchain based eSports betting platform. On Bitsports, the native BITPLAY cryptocurrency (BTP) will be used as the primary form staking currency. The BITSPORTS gambling project is just the first; many more will be up before the end of 2018. BITPLAY also has a wagering platform known as GAMEFLUK which is a real time skill based wagering system that enables gamers to play and wager in real time on the BITPLAY gaming application. This wagering platform will definitely put power and pride in the hands of gamers worldwide.

The BITPLAY platform has designed an eSports ecosystem which will serve as an avenue to discover, train and give incentives to gamers and aspiring gamers worldwide. With the Bitplay’s eSports platform, aspiring gamers can easily become professionals. The team has also developed plans that will help in the use of blockchain technology to address some areas in the sporting system such as; player management, sports event management, sport clubs and giving of incentives to sport fans. This will be a game changer! Imagine earning for supporting a sports club, its going to be fun and interesting.

Please permit me to borrow your Imagination for some seconds, Imaging having physical gaming tournaments seasonally around the world just like FIFA world cup where gamers from all countries of the world will gather to compete for a title, trophy and prize. I believe your conclusion is good as mine; it is going to be amazing!! BITPLAY has this as part of their plan for gamers around the world and I think I need to start building up my gaming skills again because I need to be the winner of the first tournament. Believe me this is going to be crazy!

The Mobile gaming system is not being left out. The BITPLAY team has drawn up plans that will keep them on top of the mobile gaming trend. They have plans of launching various gaming Apps for almost all the smartphone types ranging from Android to IOS. Mobile gamers using the BITPLAY mobile game Apps will earn BTP as in-game coins which they can transfer to fellow users or sell on exchanges.

BITPLAY is simply platform where you can make money while playing and having fun!!! Let’s join this team to make this a reality.

BITPLAY has a total and final supply 1 billion BITPLAY token made available and the ICO is ongoing. Hurry up to be part of this revolution!

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