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Decoin – The Next Generation Trading and Exchange Platform for the Decentralized World

Since the birth of cryptocurrency in 2009, more and more companies have evolved into conducting ICOs (initial coin offerings) of different projects. However, the first ICO performed by a crypto based company was in 2013 and has since spanned across the entire crypto community. Just within the first quarter of 2018, ICO funding has surpassed the total funding percentage accrued in 2017 with over 118 %. This goes a long way to demonstrate the increased level of participation by various crypto companies in ICOs. Also, this shows that despite the lapses in the industry, companies with great crypto solutions still continue to execute successful projects because if all ICO companies turn out unsuccessful, newer companies will not be coming up with their ICOs.

However, with the increased number of trading and exchange platforms within the crypto community, it is very important to know a reliable and secured trading and exchange platform where investors are sure of safety of their digital assets. This birthed the need for me to embark on this article creation thereby introducing you to a very reliable, secured, beneficial, and user friendly exchange & trading platform called DECOIN.

Overview of Decoin

DECOIN is a decentralized p2p (peer-to-peer) technology based platform anchored on the blockchain network.  DECOIN plans to build a world class platform with the most modern trading and exchange technology thereby making it possible for users on the platform to be able to perform exchange transactions in different currencies. Apart from being a social trading platform, DECOIN platform shall provide users (investors or traders) with the possibility of revenue sharing which ultimately ensures a win-win situation for DECOIN platform users. DECOIN platform is integrated with a very standard coding algorithm which ensures full security and transparency for users. One of the benchmark of DECOIN platform, is that it has an unprecedented sophisticated wallet available to all users which allows users to be able to spend their digital assets wherever and whenever possible.

Benefits of Decoin

  • SPEEDY TRANSACTIONS: D-TEP (Decoin trading & exchange platform) adopts an innovatively new technology which ensures that buying and selling digital currencies are done in a very fast manner devoid of the delays that many other exchange platforms face today.
  • HIGHLY SECURED: DECOIN platform uses best industry practices in ensuring that all sensitive user data on the platform are well protected against data breaches. This is made possible by the various layers of authentication system thereby assuring security on deposits or withdrawals, or trades within the platform.
  • SCALABILITY: DECOIN platform has the possibility of executing transactions in split seconds. This puts DECOIN far ahead of other exchange and trading platforms as many existing platform lacks scalability.
  • SOCIAL TRADING: Big traders on Decoin platform can earn DECOINS (Decoin tokens) if their consent is given in order that their activities on the platform are displayed thereby allowing other traders to learn from their experiences.
  • CFD ENABLED: D-TEP plans to integrate a financial tool called contract for difference (CFD) into the platform. The CFD functionality will make traders to be able to take proper advantage of price movements on the trading market. With CFD this functionality, DECOIN team of analysts shall be providing updates of market trends as well as coins that are in spotlight.
  • CRYPTO INDEX: In ensuring that user experiences with DECOIN platform are as smooth as possible, D-TEP plans to launch its first ever crypto index which ultimately shall provide users of DECOIN platform to enjoy revenues from cash outs of index –investments as well as have total control over the sharing of assets amongst listed companies in DECOIN crypto index.


As part of DECOIN’s project development plan, the team has decided to perform token sales of her DTEP tokens and as such I strongly recommend everyone to participate in this great project by purchasing as many DTEP tokens as possible during this project phase.

For more information about DECOIN and how purchases of her DTEP tokens can be made, kindly visit any of the following links:

Website | Whitepaper | Ann | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Linkedin | Telegram

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