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You would have to agree with me that blockchain technology is indeed a disruptive technology and its one of the best technologies which has been created in our team and is fostering global economic growth and stability.

The blockchain technology because of its uniqueness and effectiveness is practically been integrated into various forms of industry and the level of adoption is currently not slowing down.

However, the blockchain was initially created for just cryptocurrency with the purpose of decentralizing the financial market. This purpose has been met with various challenges which have impaled the drive to crypto mainstream adoption.


The following are challenges which has affected blockchain and cryptocurrency:

  • Lack of crypto usage for day to day activities
  • Complex UI which allows only investors to make use of the system as not everybody understands the system.
  • Non-scalability
  • Slow
  • Non-secure data storage
  • No monetization of user data


ALFA ENZO, for short the ENZO Platform is one which has seen the dire need for cryptocurrencies to be used as a form of trading in our day to day activity. The ENZO platform is creating an ecosystem powered by a multi blockchain environment, where ecommerce website and other vendors can set up shops, thereby allowing the users of the NZO Token to be able to make day-to-day shopping activities with these platforms and every other platform associated with it.


ALFA ENZO is specially situated in order to establish the ever first mass-market cryptocurrency with the provision of a unique and effective distributed commerce ecosystem which will deliver on the following properties:

  • Usefulness: the platforms blockchain will be useful in solving many other problems.
  • Viral: cryptocurrency despite its fame has not funny spread abroad, ENZO promises a global and viral use of its currency.
  • Intuitive: being able to purchase goods and services on a global scale, as well as transfer value.

The platform will be fast, efficient, useful and above all will provide a simple UI which will be easy for all users to understand. The ENZO blockchain will give data immutable properties which can be utilized together with cryptocurrency to transact. With the use of a fluid timeline as a vessel for the sorts of data alongside other user interface elements.

The platform will be appealing to a global audience by delivering immediate utility using a new sort of peer-to-peer communication and exchange framework. To achieve this, the platform will be making use of ENZO OPEN NETWORK (EON) which is a distributed ledger and open ecosystem.

The platform will also posses an advertising platform which will give advertisers, publishers, merchants the ability for them to deliver paid advertisement with the use of user data which will be sold by users to advertisers per their will to do so.

The platforms currency will be stored intrinsic value derived from activities and time which should hold the value of the token which means the basic vale cannot be inflated by whales or anyone one else in possession of it.


With the immerse benefits this platform will be bringing into the crypto industry, personally I think its worth considering for investment. The platform is currently on ICO and it opens up the best opportunity for you to invest.





Author: Sorento

Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910177


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