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Gana – Integrating Artificial Intelligence Technology to the Cannabis Industry.

The use of cannabis is age long as it dates back to time immemorial during the days of our ancestors. Even as the years have gone by and new eras of evolution have emerged cannabis still play a very critical role in our today’s world. Despite the fact that Cannabis is illegal in some countries/communities, a host number of some other countries /communities still approve it to be legal for consumption.

With the continuous consumption of cannabis in the world today, there has really not been any major stride made within the crypto-community towards integrating the statistics of cannabis users into blockchain technology. As part of integrating the cannabis industry and blockchain industry together, Gana is at the fore front of this integration which forms the basis of this article writing. In the light of this, permit me to introduce you all to Gana.


The name GANA is coined from the phrase “Green and Nature Association”. GANA is a blockchain based platform which is poised towards establishing a more serene, safe and properly defined leverage for cannabis users which ultimately gives users an unprecedented kind of experience with cannabis altogether that has never been experienced before in the crypto-community. GANA platform uses a highly specialized and functional artificial intelligence (AI) system thereby ensuring that users communication interfaces with the GANA AI are as optimal as needed. GANA platform shall also be assessed on the GANA mobile application and as such shall be the fundamental information acquisition medium. GANA platform has the capability of linking a group of users thereby verifying data hypothesis while giving critical solutions to users on the platform.

Ultimately, GANA platform is committed to taking the Cannabis industy to a grater height by providing a form of artificial intelligence system aid for all users of the platform. In this way, it is surely a win-win situation as all stakeholders (cannabis farmers, distributors, consumers, content and product creators, as well as institutions or research) within the cannabis industry shall be able to synergize and/or earn value for their businesses. GANA uses blockchain and AI technology to bring the cannabis industry to the next level. The blockchain technology is used for the transparent management of data collected from both consumers and companies.

Benefits of GANA

  • Data management within the GANA platform is performed in a very transparent manner devoid of errors. This is achieved by the utilizing the functionality of blockchain technology to prevent any untoward data breaches intended to induce a beneficial increment for a particular company.
  • GANA platform is highly reliable as users of the platform are rest assured that their data won’t be used for an ulterior purpose but the exact purpose which GANA platform represents.
  • Only users-permitted data of GANA platform shall be made available to other interested parties.
  • Data retrieval is carried out in a very standardized manner in the event of a necessity to retrieve user(s) data from the platform.
  • Since cannabis seems to be somewhat of a big deal to some people. In this light, GANA platform has ensured that users stay as anonymous as possible.
  • With GANA mobile application, users can earn GANA tokens by making their information available.

ICO & Token

Name of token: GANA

PLatform: Ethereum Enabled

Accepted Currency for Token Purchases: ETH

Hard Cap: 50000 ETH


As part of GANA project implementation plan, sales of GANA tokens are currently being offered in order to raise fund for complete development of the platform. Therefore, I strongly recommend that everyone purchases as many GANA tokens as possible during this ICO phase.

For more information about GANA platform, kindly visit any of the following links:



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