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Music has been said to be a lot of things since time immemorial, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone who didn’t listen or love one form of music or the other, so personally I think music is life.

Music is sang practically everywhere in the world, and just as the movie industry has been split up into packs such as Hollywood, Bollywood and others, so has the music industry. You see people in a particular nature only having the chance only having to listen to the kind of music created by artists from the nation or just popular global artists when it shouldn’t be so.

Music is one thing which has brought certain forms of connection between various people of different cultures and beliefs, you see 2 people who aren’t alike in anyway nodding their head to the same song. This goes to show the true power of music.

However, even with the internet and its benefits, there is still a lack of connection in the music industry because of the absence of a central marketplace which will contain artistes all over the world both famous and upcoming, producers, fans and much more coming together to create good value content.

This where the industry has failed its fans, and that is why ILINK2MUSIC is here to fill this gap by creating the needed solution.


ILINK2MUSIC is a blockchain based social media platform with the sole aim of bring together musical artists from all over the world, producers, fans, executives and music lovers together regardless of their age, culture or religion, so they can all enjoy something they all love. MUSIC.

This platform will be responsible for creating exclusive international musical contents, networking, events, contests, prizes and more.


The platform will be providing all of its users and everyone else involved in the platform and combined with blockchain technology, the benefits are even more exciting. Below are some of the platforms benefits:

  • Closer relationship between music lovers to artists
  • A more global atmosphere for all forms of healthy music
  • It will provide more audience for artists music content than there have ever been before
  • Sell upcoming artists content through contests and events
  • Give music lovers and fans the opportunity to contribute to the making of good music
  • Anyone in the platform will be able to broadcast their content from wherever they are to the audience of the entire music
  • Crypto base form of payment
  • Live streaming
  • Cheaper to access than paid TV subscription
  • Transparency during voting in contest through the blockchain features

The benefits the platform will be bringing into existence are just endless, and the company’s tactic will be a people-generated and user driven structure. The platform will be employing and aggressive growth strategy to make sure the use of the platform is cut across the entire planet and therefore responding to the high demand for company service.


The platform will be backup by a strong management team who will be responsible for making sure the platform runs without any form of obstruction. Being powered by blockchain, the platform will a utility token known as ELINK Token and will be responsible for performing every form of financial transaction on the platform such as voting, purchase of premium services and more. The platform has also created a means for use to be a part of this platform while amassing tokens before its launch through its initial coin offering (ICO), and I suggest you use this opportunity to own as much token as possible because the project is going to be a blockbuster.



Author: Sorento

Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1910177



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