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It gets crazy for me at times when I think of the accomplishment man has achieved over the years with their cheer will, zeal and the need to grow. Man is a creature which cannot be bested by circumstances, I don’t believe in aliens but if they do exist, man would still out smart them.

Technology has grown since the ancient biblical days, from horses and chariots to Lamborghinis, Royce, private jets and space craft, not to talk of secret government projects we don’t even hear about. In all, man has truly grown tech wise and still continues to do so.

However, as technology continues to grow, so as the need for a power source which has led to many discoveries such as the liquid black gold (crude oil). Crude is one of the worlds most traded assets, as its uses are versatile and so are its destructive capabilities. But what can man do about it, it’s a gift given to us by the creator and not using it frankly I think will be disrespectful (lol).

The processing of crude has greatly done some damages to our ecosystem, from the carbon4oxide being disposed during its processing down to the residues which is thought to be uncapable of refining. The existing solution which has been discovered to combat this problem has been really inefficient, wasteful and expensive.

This is why PAPUSHA has created a world changing technology which will best handle the waste emitting from these refineries world-wide.


PAPUSHA is a rocket and space technology, and the first of its kind for that matter which will be responsible for producing fuel by refining coal and oil residues. The existing solution for handling oil residues are (a) they are channelled into lakes which end up polluting the whole thing (b) stored in containers, imagine the volumes/tones of waste gotten from this residues per day in a global scale.

It is high time a method is invented to combat this growing contamination of our planet’s ecosystem, and PAPUSHA is here with the needed solution.


PAPUSHA will be making use of its rocket technology-2 processing unit and utilizing dump lakes/ponds as raw materials. By adding special impurities, oil residues will be processed at a high temperature which will be more than a thousand degree centigrade at transonic speed.

The processed residues will undergo a deep-seated physico-chemical transformation in which most of it will be synthetic gas (not harmful to the ecosystem nor its inhabitants). The substance is furtherly sent through a cooling unit where a useful product such as kerosene, gasoline, oil and more is then manufactured.

The PAPUSHA ROCKET TECHNOLOGY will be small in dimension, which will enable its easy movement between places where residues are stored and its independence enables it to be installed as quickly as possible.


You will probably think this concept looks easy, so why hasn’t been discovered by someone else for so long. I assure you, there is nothing easy about this project concept. As a matter of fact, this technology is offered by Anatoly Papusha, the academician of the Russian academy of natural science who had a major hand in the development of the Buran program (the first space engine) and was even given a state award prize of the USSR for his development.

The technology is currently on its ICO, which they are utilizing to finance the continuous development of this awesome project. By choosing to be a part of the ICO, you automatically become an investor of the technology and will be get shares of the profits after it goes public.

Website: https://papusha.io

Whitepaper: https://papusha.io/files/Whitepaper_ENG.pdf

Telelgram: https://t.me/prt_chat

Author: Sorento

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