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KROSSCOIN ICO; An Ethereum Blockhain Enabled App Monetization Platform

Developing an App can be highly demanding. App Developers most times have to stay awake just to make their idea a reality and also benefit the user population but at the end of the day they earn so little or no dime from the users other than having a lot of downloads from them. I think it will be necessary for their efforts to be rewarded as this will give them a lot of motivation to focus on developing valuable content for their user base. I have good news for the App developer community, there is a platform that will help you monetize your App components and it is no other platform but KROSSCOIN. Let’s look at what KROSSCOIN is all about and see how it can benefit the developer’s community and users too.

From my research, I discovered that KROSSCOIN platform is a consumption-based token framework which gives Developers on the platform an avenue to monetize any functional component in any of their application that is running on the KROSSCOIN platform. This model is targeted towards removing the obstacles associated with one-time fee and subscription licensing of applications thereby helping the developers to focus on their application functionality.

The KROSSCOIN team is out to build the largest decentralized App and products monetization system that cannot be competed with anywhere in the world which will run on KSS. The team has plans on ground that will make the KROSSCOIN ecosystem limitless in scope covering several industries such as Fintech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), messaging, lending, social media, decentralized e-commerce and freelance platforms, media and decentralized music creation and distribution industries.

KROSSCOIN will be a blockchain integrated platform and you already know that blockchain technology is the most secured and transparent, and easy to implement technology on earth today. This will give the platform an edge and also make its adoption rapid. I discovered from my research also that the KROSSCOIN team will make available an open API to any application developer which can be used by any application to transact on the KROSSCOIN (KSS) Ethereum blockchain. KROSSCOIN (KSS) is decentralized, this means that an intermediary for the monetization process won’t be needed; No need for a third party. Developers or publishers revenue can be accessed through the KROSSCOIN (KSS) Ethereum blockchain.

The KROSSCOIN platform is designed in such a way that monetization of Apps on the platform will keep increasing with increase in usage; this will motivate developers to create a compelling user experience. On the KROSSCOIN platform, payment gateways and banking systems are irrelevant as users will pay for application usage with KSS tokens and developers will also be paid with KSS tokens.

Considering the team behind the creation of KROSSCOIN and their wealth of experience, I can confidently tell you that partnering with a company like KROSSCOIN by investing in their ICO will be one of the best decisions you will be taking in your lifetime. I have no doubt that KROSSCOIN project will be a project that App developers and users will always want to associate with.

Below are some of the big brains behind this project:

The KROSSCOIN initial coin offering (ICO) is ongoing with 20 million KSS tokens available for the ICO. This ICO will be on till the 28th of April 2018. So I will advise you hurry up and be part of this great opportunity before the ICO comes to an end.

To get more information about KROSSCOIN and the token sale please visit:


Website:  https://www.krosscoin.io/

 Krosscoin Website

Krosscoin Full Details

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