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The reason why an enterprise can be valued at a hundred billion is due to its large user base but the same users are not valued by these enterprises. Users are been taken advantage of; their time, money, data generated by the users are all taken advantage of, their value is highly underestimated. The whole system is just unfair to users. Imagine how much in dollars, have been generated for most enterprises like facebook, Amazon, Alibaba and others due to large user base but they don’t place value their users.  I just feel that users in any enterprise should have an opportunity to monetize their value. This will also help in reducing the difficulty of business operations. It help will help in increasing the ease of acquiring and retaining users and also make it less expensive for both start-up and mature enterprises; this will foster a sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.

Having a platform that can foster a sound relationship between users and producers will be one of the best things that happened to both users and enterprises. MERCULET is the answer to the above highlighted challenges. Now, let me introduce you to MERCULET.

Permit me to call MERCULET the Chief Growth Officer of Global Entrepreneurs. You will get to know why at the end of this review.

MERCULET is a platform designed to uses the most disruptive technology on earth, that is, the blockchain technology to transform the relation between consumer, investor and producer and also provides entrepreneurs with a one-stop solution that will enable users globally to monetize their attention. The system is also designed to help enterprises grow their business; this they promise to achieve by creating a manually-positive feedback ecosystem and a redistribution system that will help in distributing the trillion-dollar value-driven economy. With the MERCULET platform, every user will benefit from the blockchain technology without having to change their habits and every entrepreneur who value and cherish their users will definitely achieve rapid growth via MERCULET.

The MERCULET platform is built on the blockchain technology and its transparent data cannot be changed; this will enhance trust among different parties. With the smart contract on the blockchain, enterprises can achieve value transferring and also establish trust with users and the other enterprises without a middleman. The MERCULET team has proposed a methodology for growth which is based on user attention, that is, the MERCULET constructed Attention Value Network which is designed to connect both the supply and demand sides of attention with an open protocol suite in order to promote a virtuous circulation of the internet of Value. Also the MERCULET constructed Attention Value Network will help in providing diverse method of user operations and offer real users and business scenarios for various existing public chain projects which will help in promoting the effective circulation of value. It is also proposed in order to bring a brand new production relationship experience to its users and entrepreneurs and also help in redefining the structure of valuable user traffic.

The MERCULET platform has a token known as MVP which will provide fundamental value anchors for entrepreneurial activities of all entrepreneurs globally. This token will serve as a reward for users’ attention and also an incentive for the basic amount of effort in open content platform, for example it will act as a reward for translators. The MVP token will also serve as a reward for high quality content producers in order to promote the sound development of content ecology. MVP which is the major token for MERCULET platform will run through the entire system and will be used by entrepreneurs, users, content contributors and advertisers. The MERCULET token (MVP) will maintain a certain degree of expandability and scarcity; this will help in increasing its value in the cryptocurrency market. This means that if you buy into the ICO now, you token is bound to increase in value. The token will also support all business scenarios of customer service enterprises and can be used by the entire mobile internet users. From all indication, MVP has all it takes to deepen the transformation and evaluation of user value and also guide value sharing.

This is a project to be part of and the earlier you jump into the train the better. The ICO is on till the 30th of April 2018.

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