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Graduating without getting a job could be frustrating; having a business idea without knowing how to go about it, could be super frustrating and having a business idea with a plan well drafted out without having the finance to bring the project to fruition could make someone to start considering suicide. In this part of the world where I live, the unemployment rate is over 60% of the employable populace. This is due to the fact that we do not have access to employment opportunities. Many have nice business ideas but there are no opportunities to help them develop the business and there is also no source of funding the idea.

In 2013, I and few of my friends decided to float an IT firm (DECONE CONZULT) that will be solely into training and school management portal deployment, all forms of consultation were made and we got a company in India that was willing to partner with us but at the end of the day the whole idea went down the drain because we could not raise 7000 USD. It was the most depressing seasons of my life because by now that firm would have been able to help in reducing the unemployment rate in my country.

Few weeks back when I was going through ICO projects online I came across a project known as SANCOJ with an Artificial Intelligence known as ZINGO. I discovered that if I had known of SANCOJ as at 2013, the idea of DECONE CONSULT would have been a reality today. Now let’s look at what SANCOJ is all about and how they plan to solve opportunity problem.

SANCOJ is an Esperanto word meaning OPPORUNITIES in English. The project has an aim of offering opportunities to everyone for free meaning transaction cost will be zero. Permit me to call SANCOJ the World’s opportunity supermarket. To make SANCOJ achieve its aim, the SANCOJ team has to integrate an Artificial Intelligent Agent known as ZINGO into the platform. ZINGO helps to analyze user data and suggest the most profitable opportunities to the user based on his data, where to get appropriate training for the opportunity and how to get access to funding without stress for the opportunity by helping the user to send message and applications to possible funders while considering the effect of the interest rate and security to business and fund owners. Let me simply put that ZINGO will help the user to discover a lot of successful opportunities and also help them get adequate training and the finance needed to bring the opportunity to fruition.

SANCOJ team has carefully synchronized using their hybrid algorithm all forms of opportunities such as buying and selling, job, events, project contract, talent management and enhancement, business acquisition, distributorship and franchising, project contrct and any other form of opportunity you can think of into one platform. This will give the users of the SANCOJ platform an avenue to make use of SANCOJ Artificial Intelligent Agent known as ZINGO. This will help them in making sensitive opportunity discovery and decisions too.

The presale of the SANCOJ token (SANC) will start on the 16th of April 2018 while the ICO will start on the 1st of May. The project has a Hardcap of 60,000,000 USD and a soft cap of 500 ETH.

The SANCOJ ICO investment opportunity is not an opportunity to be missed. Hurry up to be a part of this great innovation.

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