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Vietnam is one of the countries that Andy Li the founder of ELONCITY and his team has planned to visit this month of July 2018 in order to make them understand what ELONCITY is all about and how it can help the country to solve power generation and distribution challenges that is presently plaguing them. Let’s quickly look at Vietnam, its present power situation and how this ELONCITY tour can tour can help the country.


Vietnam is a country with a population of about 90 million which is bound to increase in the nearest future. Just like every other country of the world, Vietnam uses centralized system of power generation that is a large scale generation of electricity at a centralized facility far away from consumers. This system of power generation is very expensive and has a lot of environmental impacts such as emission of air pollutants from the burning of fossil fuel, destruction of aquatic lives by discharging water used for steam production and co0ling into the water bodies and others that are too numerous to mention.

In Vietnam today, 41% of it electrical power generation comes from hydro which is not too good for aquatic lives; In the previous paragraph, I made mention of water pollution which can lead to death of aquatic lives as one of the major environmental impact caused by centralized power generation. I also discovered from research that 31% of its electrical power generation comes from gas while 26% is from coal. Vietnam has low gas and coal reserve which means that if care is not taken, the dependency on the importation of gas and coal will increase and this will lead to increase in the cost of power production, you already know what that means? an increase in price paid by the citizens to enjoy electricity.

In Vietnam, the average cost of selling electricity has been increasing in the last years and this due to the monopolistic nature of the Vietnamese electricity market. The market is dominated and controlled by a state owned enterprise known as Electricity Vietnamese (EVN). This is one challenge that lies with centralized power generation system; it is always monopolistic in its operation which has a way of inflating the cost of electricity beyond normal.

In recent times, the Vietnamese government has been considering different ways of increasing their power generation since their hydropower is almost fully exploited and they are also running out of gas and coal. Renewable and clean energy is sure to be the only way out and ELONCITY project will help them bring this to fruition. Imagine if there could be a decentralized power generation system in Vietnam, it will help in breaking the stronghold of monopoly on the Vietnamese electricity market and also help in solving the issue of the continuous increase of the average selling cost of electricity in Vietnam. Imagine Vietnam being powered by clean energy, there won’t be any need for importation of gas and coal; this will help the government of Vietnam to use the money they would have used for the importation for other meaningful projects and also help in eliminating environment impacts that would have resulted from the use of coal and gas for the generation electrical power.


ELONCITY is a blockchain enabled platform that is created by some professionals with several years of experience to help in the improvement of the competitiveness of locally produced renewable energy. This world tour by Andy Li to Vietnam will help the Vietnamese to understand how possible and easy it is for them to move from centralized power production to decentralized clean energy production and distribution using the blockchain technology which is the most secure and transparent technology on earth. A partnership between the Vietnamese and ELONCITY will lead powering Vietnam virtually for free and also help in the elimination of negative environmental impact caused by power production using coal, hydro and gas.

This tour to Vietnam by the ELONCITY team will have a great impact on its economy in the nearest future because steady and affordable electricity will lead to massive production which will help boost the GDP of Vietnam. I see this tour as timely and highly needed by the citizens of Vietnam as this will mark a new beginning in the generation and distribution of electrical power in the country.

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