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The growing popularity in cryptocurrencies as accounted for the adoption of blockchain for making payments, withdrawal, transfer. Blockchain has therefore seen an increased adoption by businesses, bringing the light of inovaton and disruption to their existing models, providing a great potential for growth.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain also ushered in the creation of trading platforms and exchanges saddled with the responsibility of providing services ranging from crypto trading, asset management, advice and so on. The world of cryptocurrencies provide a viable growth potential for experienced investors and novices opening them to huge opportunities of making profit on crypto trading.

These crypto exchanges have been inefficient, as they cannot be relied on in minimizing losses during crypto trading as most of them are faced with shortcomings that reduces the quality of crypto trading resulting in huge losses.


The following challenges attributed with existing exchanges accounts for the reduced quality of crypto trading leading to losses. Some of which include:

Complex User Interface: this is a major challenge faced by investors and novices in the crypto world. Blockchain technology is associated with various complexities that will take only a person that is technologically inclined to navigate through. Most of these exchanges even with other excellent attributes have not been able to provide crypto investors and novice a crypto exchange with a user-friendly interface.

Lengthy Transaction Process: existing crypto exchanges were too slow in executing traders’ transactions. Speed is an important factor in the crypto world due to the high volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. This is not the case with existing crypto exchanges as they take minutes and sometimes days to execute transactions which makes it impossible for traders to enter the market when the prices are rising and exist when otherwise.

Poor Customer Support: in cases where traders’ have certain complaints about a transactions in existing exchanges it takes a long period for the customer support to respond to such complaints. The inability to respond to traders’ complaint in a quick fashion sometimes result to losses on the part of the trader while executing a transaction.

Introducing Topex

Topex is a trading platform with a difference which creates a completely new terms of trade in which traders will be compensated on losses in the case of unsuccessful trade by providing a trading platform that is fast, convenient and minimizes the risk for traders.

Topex is a cryptocurrency exchange which compensate users on losses incurred while trading with a daily profit distribution between holders of TPX tokens, providing compensation for losses incurred up to 100%.

Benefits of Topex

Margin Trading: Topex offers traders with the option of margin trading with its cryptocurrency, TPX that allows increase in profit and compensation for losses incurred in event of unsuccessful trades. The platform provides margin trading with three times leverage which is a more professional and efficient way of trading, allowing traders to borrow certain amounts and put forth bids.

Customized Interface: Topex also provides users with a customizable interface that allow them to hide, move or delete elements as they want in order to make it easy for users to navigate through the tools provided by the platform for efficient and profitable trading.

Final Thought

Topex creates a trading platform with tools for a profitable trading experience with customizable user interfaces, margin trading, trading charts in which traders can adopt in executing trading transactions with seamlessly and efficiently.

Website: https://www.topex.io

Whitepaper: https://topex.io/docs/wp/topex.pdf

Author: Sorento

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