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Ziber — The First Blockchain mobile operator


No, you heard right, not Viber, namely Ziber! The company works in the same niche, but does everything differently. Let’s check into it together.

Viber, as well as Skype, provides the opportunity to communicate absolutely freely by having the Internet and the Viber application installed by users on both ends. However, the most relevant service is international calls via Viber or Skype that are made via users’ cell phones who have not installed this application.

Why is it important? It’s simply for the reduction of call costs at times when compared to mobile providers and landline communications. This reduction is achieved through the use of the IP-telephony protocol. Yes, but what is that to Ziber – you ask? Herein, Zieber additionally reduces these costs at times.

How did the company achieve it? By utilizing a loophole lying on the surface, like a cherry on a cake. Let’s explore how this was done.

Most of mobile providers give their customers subscriptions with included traffic and call packages. For example, 1000 free minutes within the network. Someone uses them entirely, and someone has free minutes burned at the end of the month. But in any case, the client has already paid them when connecting to the subscription plan. Is it frustrating? No, it’s not frustrating! Because there was no alternative up until now.

And today a viable alternative is presented through Ziber. The following question is posed. Why lose free minutes of conversations, if you can sell them? Once again, you are now able sell something that was always just thrown away at the end of the month … feels good doesn’t it?

Here’s the breakdown. One customer with the Ziber application installed from China is calling through the phone of another person who has Ziber + free minutes from his mobile provider located in Germany to the end user, who is also in Germany within the general network of the mobile provider.

What’s the output? The IP protocol was used for a free call from China to Germany by Ziber + free minutes for call forwarding within the network in Germany. In other words, the mobile provider, who is usually paid by Viber and Skype, in this case using Ziber does not receive anything! This problem can be solved for a specific mobile provider. Also, Ziber’s clients only get free calls that do not exceed 1 cent in most countries of the world.

We want to note one more marketing strategy by the company’s founders. We announced a free distribution of 10% of tokens to all Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet owners. Simultaneously, all owners of these wallets immediately become the company’s clients dramatically increasing its value in the eyes of investors.

Visit ziber.io for more info.

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